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After you download the app, link a card and spend as you normally would. On top of all the credit card perks, you get additional cash back through the Pei app. It's just an extra way to make some more passive income.

Times club

Get $8 for signing up with referral code, plus another $5 for linking bank account

Express Crypto

Users receive 10% of any referral's earnings from the offerwall.


When you refer friends who sign up and make an eligible cashback purchase, Earny will give you $5 for each friend who makes an eligible cashback purchase. You will be able to see the amount you earned in the "Earnings" section of the Earny mobile app or in the profile section of the Earny Chrome Extension. Terms and Conditions: An eligible cashback purchase is a purchase that your friend made using Earny's Chrome Extension or through the Earny app that carries a cashback amount greater than $0. There are no minimum or maximum limits. The $5 bonus will be in your "Pending" balance for 45-60 days after your friend makes the purchase, until the order is validated, at which point it will go into your "Current" balance. Any returns or cancelations will invalidate the $5 bonus. You and your friend must not have any outstanding balance owed to Earny.


Steps to get started… Sign-up & get $25 free (No card details required) Link Mudrex to you crypto exchange of choice (via Secure API - your money stay in your wallet) Select your investment bot (lots of data and tools to help you choose) Sit back and let the bot trade on your behalf


You will receive a commission that is set at 50% of the BTC withdrawal fee. Each time the person you referred makes a BTC withdrawal, 50% of the transfer fee will go to you. The referral commission does not apply to altcoin withdrawals or BTC Coinbase withdrawals. The fee commission will be sent to your BetterHash account as the person you've referred completes a BTC withdrawal. It will appear in your Transaction History, on the BTC tab, Payments section, and it will be marked as Referral Commission.

Swan Bitcoin

Users can register and apply for a referral page. Once approved, users can receive $10 in btc as well as 25% of fees paid on new orders that their referees place.


Using Cryptohopper is more fun with your friends! You can invite your friends by sharing the provided link. Earn 10.0% on every subscription your friend purchases at Cryptohopper. Recurring affiliate payments: Cryptohopper offers recurring affiliate payments as long as your directed users are subscribed to one Cryptohopper’s subscriptions, there is no end date! This applies to both monthly and yearly subscriptions. The more effort you put into promoting Cryptohopper, the higher your passive income will be. There are three different affiliate tiers: < 500$ in monthly commissions, you will receive 10% on Hopper subscriptions 500 - 1000 in monthly commissions, you will receive 12.5% on all Hopper subscriptions 1000 in monthly commissions, you will receive 15% on all Hopper subscriptions Keep in mind that up and downgrading between these tiers will happen automatically. Example: When someone uses your affiliate link and buys a Hero Hopper subscription while you’re in the third tier, you will receive 14.99$ every month as long as this user is subscribed.


The referee must purchase $45 or more in digital assets via RoundlyX within the first 30 days of signup to qualify. $4 for you, $4 for them!

Random Satoshi

You get 15% commission of what your referrals earn